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Matús Lányi

Matús Lányi was born in Levoca. He studied at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Kosice. In 2007 he graduated from the Technical University, Faculty Of Arts, Department of Visual Art and Intermedia where he studied graphic and experimental art in the studio of Prof. Rudolf Sikora and Zbynek Prokop. He works in the media of painting and video.

He lives and works in Spisske Podhradie.?His recent exhibitions include Praguebiennale 3, Prague (2008, )SPACE gallery, Bratislava (2007), IC Culture train, Kosice and Vojtech Loffner Museum, Kosice (2006).

A confrontation of sacral themes is a principal element in many of Lanyi`s videos and paintings as in the recent series of transformed „windows“ by American Microsoft. Artist chose the form of representation that is an attribute of current society – visuality of computer programmes. Furthermore he applied them to the specific stories in the New Testament using their metaphorical resemblance. Everything is rendered in the medium of painting consistently copying graphical visual of computer environment.

grafisches Element