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Kaszás Tamás & Toamash Koasash

Tamás Kaszás employs in his installations both traditional and new media. The themes of his art are the social problems and the metahphysics of nature.

He often works in collaborations with other artists, also with activists. He prefers to use recycled or cheap and environment-friendly materials.Though his artworks are realized in most cases in the field of the professional art scene, he researches the possibilities of art practices, which are out of the traditional context of art. He also participated in small autonomous groups and in the “green movement” in Budapest.

Since 2000, Kaszás has exhibited his work regularly in museums and galleries throughout Europe. In 2009 his works have been shown amongst others in the Mucsarnok/Arthall, Budapest and in Futura, Prague; in 2008 in the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece; at Projecto 270, organic farm in Portugal; and in the International Project Space, Birmingham; in 2007 in cooperation of the Museum Folkwang in the RWE tower, Essen and in the Liget Galéria, Budapest; in 2006 at SPACE, London, in the NBK, Berlin and in the WKV, Stuttgart.

grafisches Element