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Gülsen Bal »

Initiation: Director, Head of Development of Projects and Programs:
Gülsen Bal

Open Space through differing Eyes:

Video statements by Marina Gržinic; Stefan Rusu; Oliver Ressler

Performance: Siniša Ilić
The Black Box

Performance: Warren Neidich
Rehearsing the Drawing

A selection of the artistic practices:

Nada Prlj; Vladimir Nikolić; Erinç Seymen and son:DA; Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber; xurban_collective; Khaled D. Ramadan; Lina Dokuzović; Sophie Hope; Kaszás Tamás; Chto delat? in collaboration with Vladan Jeremić and Rena Rädle; Erhan Muratoğlu; Marina Gržinic and Aina Šmid in collaboration with Zvonka Simčič; Igor Grubić; Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson; Raqs Media Collective; Santiago Sierra; Marina Naprushkina; IRWIN; Maryam Jafri; Esra Ersen; Mladen Stilinović

The selection of artistic positions will cover the previous projects, which have played a key role in the development of Open Space’s ten year program with its ground-breaking visual arts and educational platform. This program designates the inter-relationship between creative practice and divergent lines of encounter, which will be presented within OPEN SPACE is 10! The tenth year anniversary follows Open Space’s engagement of creating a discursive platform for a variety of analyses, reflections, and the conception of potential future re-arrangements.

How did we start?

The non-profit based initiation Open Space within its multi-layered constituents established in Vienna since 2007 with its award-winning background within the scope of bestowing the distinguished delivery of the programs among the Viennese art galleries in recognition of the accomplishments of its activity and demonstrating considerable commitment to contemporary art.

Open Space: First steps…

Gülsen Bal, the founder of Open Space, introduced a fundamental shift in the way Open Space functioned subsequent to a transitory year in which a new edition came to life as Open Systems at the arrival of 2012 in search for new outlines of the possible practices. It is supported by an international advisory board of theorists, academics, cultural producers, curators and artists.

A new departure for the new edition of Open Systems divulged to bring diverse creative practices together as well as create a real and virtual collaborative forum and open platforms to encourage exchange and joint projects to explore the future in 2013. As well as implementing them in a collaborative effort to improve trans-national/trans-local network; planned to publish a quarterly journal on various subjects while an interdisciplinary online exhibition taking place within the context of ARTSLAB on the basis of an essential geopolitical stand, in which a political position and a certain creative/artistic agenda presents alternative spatial research.

At the verge of all those flows and the spaces of encounters, Bal has decided to introduce a new outline to its function for year 2017 program onwards. The programme of Open Space intends to seek what yet to happen, generating new ideas to improve cross-border as well as critical dialogues to facilitate new kinds of creative connections that are concerned with interconnected routes within the European space in which a certain creative agenda offers new potentials in the field of contemporary art.

Projects over the years…

2008: The Temporary Zones curated by Gülsen Bal; Interface curated by Juraj Carny; ON XENOPHOBIA REDUX curated by Anne-Britt Rage and David Rych; WELTAUSSTELLUNG – World-Expo curated by Alexander Nikolić; FOLDED-IN curated by Gülsen Bal, Daphne Dragona, Ilias Marmaras; I MYSELF AM WAR! curated by Gülsen Bal; Networked Cultures curated by Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer; Structures of Radicality curated by Walter Seidl

2009: Boundary signal curated by Fatih Aydoğdu; The Politics of Redistribution curated by Sabine Winkler; (Im)migrants With(in) curated by Nada Prlja; Ensemble of Relations curated by Can Gülcü; THE FUNding FACTORY curated by Sophie Hope; The dramaturgy of the subject curated by Zeigam Azizov; A step to the right curated by Gülsen Bal; How to resist and react to conditions of the present? curated by Hedwig Saxenhuber; Lines (not) to be crossed curated by STEALTH - Ana Dzokic and Marc Neelen

2010: re: ex-post - Critical Knowledge and the Yugoslavian Condition curated by Luisa Ziaja; Extracts from “Eclipsed Voices” curated by Basak Senova; The Renaming Machine curated by Suzana Milevska; Encounters in Relational Geography curated by Richard Appignanesi; No Ifs, no Buts curated by Gülsen Bal and Walter Seidl; Not Where from but Where to… curated by Alenka Gregorič; 366 Liberation Rituals curated by Margarethe Makovec and Anton Lederer

2011: never that's when... curated by Gülsen Bal; It's the Political Economy, stupid curated by Oliver Ressler and Gregory Sholette; WIDERSRPÜCHE - Critical Agency and the Difference Within curated by Nora Sternfeld; Lifelong Learning – Strategies of Knowledge and Power curated by CONT3XT.NET: Birgit Rinag & Franz Thalmair; Drifting Identity Station curated by Stephan Rusu; Is this all there is? curated by Gülsen Bal and Alenka Gregorič

2012: It’s in the ‘can’ curated by Gülsen Bal; Forays. Systems of Self-Interest – Mechanisms of Looting curated by Sabine Winkler; State of Transit curated by Frida Carazzato & Maria Garzia; Mapping Mobilities curated by Christine Takengny; You are kindly invited to attend curated by Branka Stipancic; Bring in Take Out - Living Archive curated by Red Min(e)d - Danijela Dugandžić-Živanović, Katja Kobolt, Dunja Kukovec, Jelena Petrović; The Organism no1! curated by Maja Ćirić

ARTSLAB program: ARTSLAB 01 - The Territorial Complex curated by Walter Seidl; ARTSLAB 02 - with/in/significant other curated by Işın Önol; ARTSLAB 03 - De/Re/Construction: Time, Space, Memories in ex-Yugoslavia curated by Aneta Stojnić and Nikola Dedić; ARTSLAB 04 - A Word on a Tree Like a Body as a Thing curated by Federica Bueti; ARTSLAB 05 - Illusion and Exodus curated by Marius Ertelt; ARTSLAB 06 - What if... and beyond curated by Vasja Nagy | ARTSLAB 07 - Memorial and Revision curated by Sarah Mendelsohn; ARTSLAB 08 - Gocce nella città di sole degli Spettri curated by Christian Egger; ARTSLAB 09 - HOME – A SPACE TO LIVE curated by Vasilena Gankovska

Artist presented…

Heba Amin; Abart (Mela Žuljević, Anja Bogojević, Amila Puzić, Giulia Carabelli); bini adamczak; Adrian Alecu; Jaesper Alvaer; Ovidiu Anton; Nadim Assad; Judith Augustinović; Nika Autor; /barbaragurrieri/group; Lara Baladi; Zbyněk Baladrán; George Barber; Richard Barbrook; Taysir Batniji; Zanny Begg; Guy Ben-Ner; Ursula Biemann; Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber; Ranko Bon; Luchezar Boyadjiev; Songül Boyraz; Ljubomir Bratić; Dumitru Budrala; Vesna Bukovec; Ergin Çavusoglu; Yane Calovski; Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson; Bernhard Cella; Raymond Taudin Chabot; Chto delat?; Giulia Cilla; Vuk Cosić; Nemanja Cvijanović; Boris Cvjetanović; Candida TV (Italy)/D Media (Romania); Jesse Darlin'; Nuray Demir; Ricarda Denzer; Zampa di Leone; Petja Dimitrova; Gerhard Dirmoser; Gulnara Kasmalieva and Muratbek Djumaliev; Lina Dokuzović; Yolanda Domínguez; Doplgenger; Bogomir Doringer; Daphne Dragona; Olivia Dunbar; ETCETERA; Martin Ebner; Esra Ersen; VALIE EXPORT; Adham Faramawy; Harun Farocki; Sarah Forrest; Eduard Freudmann; (e.) Twin Gabriel (Else Gabriel and Ulf Wrede); Petra Gerschner; Mariam Ghani; Plattform Geschichtspolitik; Igor Grubić; Grupa Spomenik (The Monument Group); Marina Gržinic; Kristaps Gulbis; Shilpa Gupta; Nilbar Güreş; Nina Höchtl; Jochen Höller;; Ira Hadzic; Daniel Hafner; Astrit Hajrullahu; Rana Hamadeh; Jan Peter Hammer; Muzaffer Hasaltay; Ibro Hasanović; Michael Zinganel & Michael Hieslmair; Barbara Holub; Kathi Hofer; Ana Hoffner; Ashley Hunt; Berat Işık; Siniša Ilić; Insider B92; IRWIN; Isaac Isitan; Iman Issa; Sanja Iveković; Maryam Jafri; Vladan Jeremić and Rena Rädle; Jelena Jureša; Adela Jušić; Schorsch Kamerun; Michael Kargl; Lina Khatib; Ralph Kistler; Elvedin Klačar; Daniel Knorr; Serhat Köksal; Aglaia Konrad; Kontekst collective; Sandra Kosel; Martin Krenn; Vahida Ramujkic & Aviv Kruglanski; Andreja Kulunčić; Matús Lányi; Ruslana Lichtzier; Minouk Lim; Gani Llalloshi; Bernhard Loibner; Stefan Lutschinger; Peter Mörtenböck & Helge Mooshammer; Thaer Maarouf; Kazimir Malevich; Mangelos; Oliver Marchart; Luiza Margan; Elke Marhöfer; Ilias Marmaras; Vlado Martek; Dalibor Martinis; Stano Masár; Jillian Mayer; Tilmann Mayer-Faje; monochrome; Willard Maas & Ben Moore; Tamara Moyzes; Borjana Mrdja; Alban Muja; Erhan Muratoğlu; Barbara Musil; Gradjanska inicjativa za Muzil (Civil Initiative for Muzil); Vlad Nancă; Marina Naprushkina; Warren Neidich; New Media; Vladimir Nikolić; Sara Nuytemans & Arya Pandjalu; Şener Özmen; Bob Ostertag; Tanja Ostojić; Der fünfte Park / Fifth Park; Pod p Podinksi; Tadej Pogacar; Maximilian Pramatarov; Pravo na grad; Nada Prlja; Danilo Prnjat; Prva Arhi brigade; Marija Mojca Pungercar; Lukas Pusch; Radio Aktiv; Anne-Britt Rage; Khaled D. Ramadan; Andrea Ressi; Oliver Ressler; Damon Rich; Mario Rizzi; Isa Rosenberger; Stefan Rusu; David Rych; Joanne Richardson; Marina Gržinic & Aina Šmid; SALA-MANCA; Christine Schörkhuber; Florian Schmeiser; Jochen Schmith; Zineb Sedira; Sašo Sedlaček; Dubravka Sekulić; Erinç Seymen; Shazalakazoo; Santiago Sierra; Zvonka Simčič; Sister0; Brendan Powell Smith; Société Réaliste; Mladen Stilinović; Kamen Stoyanov; Lutz Meyer & Alex Strehl; Superflex; Katharina Swoboda; son:DA; Swoon; Karo Szmit; Kaszás Tamás & Toamash Koasash; Cengiz Tekin; Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere; The Culture of Memory; Christoph Theiler; Milica Tomić; Mara Traumane; Goran Trbuljak; Stefanos Tsivopoulos; Tanya Ury; Esther Polak & Ivar van Bekkum; Josip Vaništa; Jelena Vesic; Meta Grgurevič & Urša Vidic; Arye Wachsmuth; Anne Waldma; TkH: Walking Theory & Teorija koja Hoda; Anna Witt; Working Group Four Faces of Omarska (Mirjana Dragosavljevic, Srdjan Hercigonja, Vladimir Miladinovic, Nenad Porobic, Dejan Vasic, Jovanka Vojinovic); Stefanie Wuschitz / Claudia Eipeldauer / Philipp Lammer; XLterrestrials; xurban_collective; Zorica Zafirovska; Katarina Zdjelar; Florian Zeyfang; Moira Zoitl

Journals and platforms discussions: Issue 01 - Of Many Worlds! edited by Gülsen Bal; |Issue 02 - Encounters in Critical and Contemporary Art 1990s to date: Turkey guest editorial by Aslı Çetinkaya and Merve Ünsal; Issue 03 - Ever tried. / Ever failed. / No matter. / Try Again. Fail again. / Fail better. Or a Few Notes on Shifts in Curatorial Practice guest editorial by Saša Nabergoj; Issue 04 - Out of the Commodity! guest editorial by Andrei Siclodi; Issue 05 - Reader: BALKAN(S) NOW guest editorial by Gülsen Bal & Dieter Hammer; Issue 06- Reclaiming Realism guest editorial by Vladan Jeremić and Rena Rädle; Issue 07- The Interpellated Subject Speaks guest editorial by Berin Gölönü

Journal contributions…

Barış Acar; Corina L. Apostol; Gülsen Bal; Pelin Başaran; Barbara Borčić; Sezgin Boynik; Burak Delier; Elmas Deniz; Duygu Demir; J.K. Bergstrand-Doley; Süreyyya Evren; Özge Ersoy; Berin Gölönü; Miroslav Karić; Therese Kaufmann; Kooperacija; Elke Krasny; Sarat Maharaj; Suzana Milevska; Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt; Paul O’Neill; Ilhan Ozan; Zoran Pantelić; Julia Prager; Goran Pavlić; Danilo Prnja; Veda Popovici; Ursula Maria Probst; David Riff; Nora Sternfeld & Luisa Ziaja; Andrzej Szczerski; Zeynep Tüfekçi; Borut Vogelnik; Vesna Vuković; Marina Vishmidt; Laura Windhager & Lisa Mazza; Betty Yu; Lana Zdravković

Book publications…

Open Systems - The READER: Tomorrow is not Promised!

Publishing House: Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken 2017
ISBN 978-3-330-05296-3 (Language: English)

See link for a review:

Special Issue; Journal of Visual Art Practice: Is this all there is?

Publishing House: Intellect publication in association with National Association for Fine Art Education, London, 2012
ISBN 1470-2029, Online ISSN: 1758-9185 (Language: English)

“Open Space - what is possible in the political potentiality”… / “Open Space - Mögliche Umrisse von politischen Potenzialität”...

Publishing House: Divus Publication, Vienna 2011
ISBN 978-80-86450-66-7 (Language: English)
ISBN 978-80-86450-67-4 (Language: German)

“Open Space - what is possible in creative practice” / “Open Space - Mögliche Umrisse von Kunstpraxis”

Publishing House: Divus Publication, Vienna 2010
ISBN 978-80-86450-62-9 (Language: English)
ISBN 978-80-86450-63-6 (Language: German)

“Open Space - Mapping contemporary creative practice” / “Open Space - Schnittpunkte Aktueller Kunstpraxis”

Publishing House: Divus Publication, Vienna 2009
ISBN 80-86450-50-3 (Language: English)
ISBN 80-86450-51-1 (Language: German)

Books contributions…

Stephan Adolphs and Serhat Karakayalı; Richard Appignanesi; Fatih Aydogdu; Zeigam Azizov; Gülsen Bal; Christa Benzer; Alain Badiou; Ljubomir Bratić; Manuela Bojadžijev; Boris Buden; Juraj Carný; Duygu Demir; J.K. Bergstrand-Doley; Alex Demirović; Katja Diefenbach; Anthony Downey; Daphne Dragona; Ana Dzokic and Marc Neelen (STEALTH.unlimited); Süreyyya Evren; Phoenix T. Gabriel; Marina Gržinić; Alenka Gregoric; Can Gülcü; Sophie Hope; Rada Iveković; Pablo Lafuente; Maurizio Lazzarato; Isabell Lorey; Susanne Lummerding; Margarethe Makovec and Anton Lederer; Ivana Marjanović; Ilias Marmaras; Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer; Suzana Milevska; Alexander Nikolić; Stefan Nowotny; Paul O’Neill; Dimitris Papadopoulos and Vassilis Tsianos; Nada Prlja; Anne-Britt Rage and David Rych; Rosa Reitsamer; Hito Steyerl; Hedwig Saxenhuber; Georg Schöllhammer; Nermin Saybasılı; Walter Seidl; Andreas Spiegl; Basak Senova; Juliet Steyn with Avis Newman; Simon O’Sullivan; Beat Weber; Sabine Winkler; Luisa Ziaja

The Open Space programme has been supported by:

BKA - Cultural Ministry
Stadtteilkultur, Interkulturalität und Internationale Angelegenheiten
Kulturabteilung (Magistratsabteilung 7) - Bildende Kunst
MA7 Kultur - Wissenschafts und Forschungsförderung
ERSTE Foundation
Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs
Stadt Wien - Film, Kino, Neue Medien
Arbeiterkammer Wien
Mondriaan Foundation
European Cultural Foundation (ECF), STEP beyond
Allianz Kulturstiftung
SAHA - supporting contemporary art from Turkey
Norwegian Art Council
OCA, Office for Contemporary Art Norway
Pro Helvetia
Swiss Arts Council
Kulturstyrelsen, Danish Arts Council
Italienischen Kulturinstitut
Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern
Kulturfonds der Stadt Freising
SKICA - Slowenisches Kulturinformationszentrum
Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society - Republic of Serbia

Additional support provided by:

Goethe-Institut, Ljubljana
Austrian Cultural Forum, Ljubljana Anadolu Kultur, Istanbul
Freisinger Mohr e.V
cyberlab - Digitale Entwicklungen GmbH

In kind support by:

Kontakt. Die Kunstsammlung der Erste Group und ERSTE Stiftung
freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL
Kunstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck
Kunstraum Niederoesterreich
MUMOK - Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung
Ludwig Wien Kunsthalle Exnergasse
OMV Art Projects, Vienna
The Austrian Association of Women Artists – VBKÖ
Istanbul Bilgi University
Kunsttrans, Vienna
Technischen Universität Wien
Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien IG Kultur Wien
Wien Woche
Depot - Raum fur Kunst und Diskussion
LABfactory Wien
MINA Institute for Socially Engaged Art and Theory, Ljubljana
CRVENA Association for Culture and Art, Sarajevo
Schwerpunktes Wissenschaft und Kunst der Universitat
Netherlands Media Art Institute
P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute
Kontrapunkt, Skopje

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