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Hello! Where Is It?

Esra Ersen »

The video Hello! Where is it? deals with the fundamental stereotype how the Occident sees the Orient. The video presents three banal conversations taking place in Istanbul in three cars crossing the bridge over the Bosporus. A couple discuss how they will spend their umpteenth weekend together, a man talks to his fellow passenger about his professional worries, and two friends joke about the 1999 earthquake. During the crossing, towards the end of the film the camera focuses on the two “Welcome to Europe” and “Welcome to Asia” signs, as if these panning shots were just accidentally moving away from the conversation. The two signs thus perpetuate the rhetorical formula of the cultural idiosyncrasies and the cliché according to which Istanbul and Turkey are regarded as bridges between the cultural spaces, between Orient and Occident. The daily commute across the bridge thus constitutes a clear opposite to the cultural division between the two territories that the artist has chosen as the background of this urban crossing.

Project: State of Transit
Dates: 20th April - 21st May 2012
Project curators: Frida Carazzato & Maria Garzia

grafisches Element