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grafisches Element

Performance: Rehearsing the Drawing

Warren Neidich

"The diagram is indeed a chaos and a catastrophe but it is also a germ of order and rhythm… As (Francis) Bacon says it unlocks areas of sensation."

- Francis Bacon, The Logic of Sensation, Gilles Deleuze, p.102

As part of his residency at IASPIS in Stockholm in 2009 Neidich constructed a wall diagram in his studio with paint sticks, graphite pencil and magic markers. The drawing snaked its way upon the ceiling and floor and represented the current state of his thinking concerning the link between Cultural and Cognitive Capitalism. Specifically how in the age of immaterial labour and the financialisation of capital an intimate relationship between the changing conditions of the general intelligence and the mind-brain interface developed. That in fact he was calling for a new kind of materialism, in which the performative virtuosic aspects of labour created the conditions for the sculpting of the brains neural plasticity. That drawing became the backdrop for a series of blindfolded performances/lectures, in which the contents of the drawing which were replicated as memory networks in the brain were recited in front of a live audience in Open Systems as part of the exhibition… Neidich has redrawn the original drawing in a reconfigured site-specific form. He has also added new research to the drawing and will once again perform it blindfolded.

grafisches Element