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The Rights

Nada Prjla »

The Rights is a series of video recordings of children who are reading 'European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom' in the manner it presents that there is no protection of human rights and freedom. This exposes the complexity of the issues of immigration and the EU politics around the boundaries of ‘New Europe'.

Prlja creates a space that identifies the transitional conditions in between new topological zones of exclusion and inclusion through focusing on the culturally specific conditions. The Rights engenders the potentiality in the course of absorbing the results of its transformative capacities where the cultural objects are produced within a paradigm of introducing everyday settings. This inquiry puts across a disjointed temporality which exposes the ambiguity of the situation. Thus the issue introduced here refers to an experimental dynamic outside representational boundaries that define the conjuncture of social forces beyond its discursive construction encapsulated in the midst of “who speaks”.

The space of current relations brings us to draw an attention to a generative process of differential structures affected by a transitory characteristic, the “in-between-ness.” An uncertain transition, as it appears in The Rights, provokes an encounter with a situation to a norm extrinsic to that situation at the edge of a certain representational matrix while dramatically capturing the moment that mirrors the “other” of Europe by way of its multitude of particular identities.

Dates: 10th January - 9th February 2008
Project curator: Gülsen Bal

grafisches Element