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grafisches Element

Performance for a poem

Erinç Seymen & son:DA »

The two channel video is a performance and site-specific installation realised in Istanbul and Maribor. In the second one it's clear that the stage where the performer acts and the public space are definitely separated. The low resolution image allows a digital manipulation of video and sound made of pixelization, distorsion, colour key glitch, streching of the image. Key role is given to the recitacion of a Turkish poem of the '30, a remarkable example of nationalist rethoric. The sound and the video image are interrelated, the distorsion of the sound and the particular noise cause a similar visual distorsion of the image, building a disturbing atmosphere where any communication seems impossible, rage and oppression are dominant. A technological modernity filters out through the interferences of the past, but it's not able to hide its contradictions and the weight of ideologies, intolerances, censorships still present in contemporary society.

Dates: 3rd September - 2nd October 2008
Project curator: Gülsen Bal

grafisches Element