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Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber »

Dealing with architecture as a frame for spatial meaning, the works of Bitter/Weber are at the interface of architecture, new media technologies, and systems of representation. Bitter/Weber's photographic and video works create a space for engaging with contemporary urban spaces as social environment and as political discourse. At the same time, they also create a space for debating contemporary image politics as a cluster of visual practices for organising society and constructing the public sphere and history.

The Vancouver and Vienna based artists, Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber, present We Declare: Spaces of Housing, a project that addresses the sites and institutions where decisions and declarations regarding housing are made (ranging from local communities, to the provincial capital, and up to the United Nations). The situation-specific project brings these spaces of symbolic and real power into the gallery through large-scale photo-based images mounted on the wall. By collapsing the scale of these spaces and bringing them into a new relation, We Declare points to the difference between what Henri Lefebvre called the representation of space and the spaces of representation.

A beginning point of this project is the crisis in access to housing that Vancouver is facing at this moment (as well as the coming crisis that the Olympics will bring), but also the question of the potential of a socially attuned artistic practice in a city that is both “cultured” and globalized. We Declare aims to approach these issues and potentials by understanding that the situation of Vancouver is specific in the way that this crisis has developed and grown - as well as part of a global urban tendency that continually pushes property rights over the right to stable housing.

Project: Structures of Radicality
Dates: 10th December - 11th January 2009
Curator: Walter Seidl

grafisches Element