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The Cracked Sea of Marble

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As the Marmara sea extends towards the horizon, it conspicuously hides and reveals our innermost fears. The sea has witnessed many a catastrophe since Prokopius, in sixth century, claimed the monster of the sea (Propontis) to be the leviathan, a whale that has sunk the Roman ships until it was finally captured. From Dardanelles to Bosporus, at the bottom of the sea lie the relics of centuries, from battleships to oil tankers, to freighters with a cargo of thousand sheep, alongside the fault line that dates back to geological time (immemorial) to witness them all.

Seen from where we stand today, the Marmara sea, in all its serenity, represents a people parted along a fault line, unable to comprehend its mortal vanity, its nemesis exiled on remote islands then (and now,) as though all evil will vanish in the distance, like the crack vanishes down in the bottom of the sea.

Project: Boundary signal
Dates: 16th January - 10th February 2009
Project curator: Fatih Aydoğdu

grafisches Element