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Observing the unknown faces in the video A Look Back, who face the beginning of the 33-day long conflict between Lebanon and Israel in 2006, one instinctively feels compassion for the experience that these innocent witnesses have had. On second viewing, however, the question arises: Who are those people? Ramadan provides an answer – ‘All persons in the video are Lebanese, who live in Diaspora… Several thousand Western passport holders of Lebanese descent were evacuated from Lebanon by their respective countries…’

In one of his writings, Ramadan points out that ‘in the disembodied world of the virtual community, identity is also ambiguous…’. In relation to the destiny of the group of people that ‘inhabit’ the video A Look Back, one could ask the following: These individuals are of Lebanese origin, holders of Western passports, which allows them to move freely, including the possibility of escaping from a situation of war…. Is the national identity of those people therefore ambiguous? Would we still be able to define the people from this video as part of a group of ‘marginalized’ individuals and ‘place’ them within the ‘threshold of the law’?

In my own opinion, these individuals are victims of their own ‘ambiguous identity’, the identity that most of us - as transnationals, or citizens with dual, or even triple nationalities /citizenships - live with. This form of identity gives us a freedom, but also removes the possibility of belonging, which likewise represents a limitation.

Dates: 22nd March - 11th April 2009
Project curator: Nada Prlja

grafisches Element