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Social Regulations under Market Deregulation: “A SERIOUS GAME ON EQUILIBRIUM”

Lina Dokuzovic »

The interactive project simulates and draws parallels on the current socioeconomic condition – one of instability and “crisis.” The ultimate goal of the capitalist system is to find ever-developing flexible means for maintaining the stability of an inherently unstable structure/market that makes profit through violence, slavery, appropriation and death. Therefore, the main premise of the game is the analysis of the exchange of resources – biological, living or dead labor.

As the game simulates infra- and superstructural elements, the “stability” between an increasingly deregulated economy and social regulation is shown and maintained. The theoretical proposal stands on the First Law of Thermodynamics (Rudolf Clausius, 1850) that “energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another,” using the interlinked elements of capital, finance and social roles. The Second Law of Thermodynamics (Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot, 1824), however, introduces entropy as a variable in energy production, stating that there is a perpetual tendency towards a condition of destruction increasing with time.

Therefore, a system which cannot ever be in equilibrium on its own, eventually reaches a limit – presented here as the limit to the resources of capital. Therefore, an inward-appropriation of the very modes of entropy result in order to make use of the very conditions of instability, exploiting entropy through “necrotrophy” – the parasitism of living resources resulting in death – posited here as “necropolitics” (Achille Mbembe).

The game exposes the perverse relationship between economic production and the production of modes of life. The choice for a “serious game” presents a critical analysis of an “equilibrium” which cannot be obtained. The interactive project should exist as a self-sustaining experimental learning platform. It consists of the game machine, the playing rules, playing cards and an accompanying reader.

Project: Ensemble of Relations
Dates: 22nd April - 2nd May 2009
Project curator: Can Gülcü

grafisches Element