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Symbol rehab


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Symbol rehab - about formalist studies on the heraldry of the socialist countries

Tamás Kaszás »

In this project, one section is based on the coats of arms of the socialist countries, the design of which does not follow the rules of traditional heraldry. Most of them are based, however, on a wreath motive. We can see them as complex emblems, which operate with diverse symbols.

Tamás Kaszás spent his childhood in pseudo-socialist Eastern Europe. At the time, life was nice for a child – at least, on the surface of things. Clear ideas and straight messages had been mediated through fine decorative elements of the system. He liked those symbols, posters and pictures, prepared with a progressive design. Their optimism and the picture of the future that was projected through them fascinated him, even though the props collapsed since then and the ideas were replaced by nothing that could fascinate him again.

According to Kaszás, he saw that there was nothing real behind these pictures, as fakes they were just meant to cover the generally wrong. Yet that energy what he got through them was real; mentally, it had such a positive effect on him. Even today, whenever he looks at them without their historical connotation, he still feels the shining of a positive energy.

Many symbols became used and burned out during history. Often these worn out images are connected to ideas or values, which we still support in the present. Partly this is why he started an artistic rehabilitation program on exploited and abused symbols. He thinks that they might be useful also as models for thinking if we transform or combine them as a collage.

Project: How to resist and object to Conditions of the Present?
Dates: 16th October - 7th November 2009
Project curator: Hedwig Saxenhuber

grafisches Element