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Chto delat? mit Vladan Jeremic und Rena Rädle »

Structured like an ancient tragedy, the video work Partisan Songspiel. Belgrade Story. depicts contemporary Serbian society by means of different “archetypes” that embody the confrontation of political and economical systems and their respective ideologies. The forced eviction of the Roma settlement Belleville on the occasion of the summer Universiade Belgrade 2009 serves a concrete cause in this context. The ruling power – exemplified by a woman politician, an oligarch, a nationalist, and a Mafioso – encounters the oppressed, exemplified by a war veteran, a Romani woman, a worker, and a lesbian activist. A choir of “dead Partisans” functions as historical consciousness and political conscience commenting on the confrontation.

The exhibition also presents the current issue of the newspaper Chto delat International entitled “Transitional Justice”, produced in cooperation between authors and in connection to the previous realization of the video Partisan Songspiel. Belgrade Story., which was realized in Belgrade in Summer 2009. The authors gathered for this issue give a contextual overview of the situation and condition of transitional Serbian society, which during the last two decades existed as an isolated camp where everyday life was monopolized by corrupted politicians and ruthless tycoons. After the catastrophe of the wars in the ex-Yugoslav countries, which unfolded in the manner of a mutual extermination, there followed the economic polarization and discrimination of a large part of the population which ended up being homeless and deprived of any state protection.

Project: re: ex-post. Critical Knowledge and the Post-Yugoslavian Condition
Dates: 20th January - 21st February 2010
Project curator: Luisa Ziaja

grafisches Element