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This video work, connecting Ljubljana, Belgrade and Durham USA, presents a conceptual political space of engagement that allows for rethinking what local community is. It conceptualizes the possibility of social change under the conditions of finance capitalism and its financialization processes that permeate art, the social, political and critical discourse. The collective process of making the video “Naked Freedom” is about the enactment of social, political and collective performative practices for the screen that resonates with the performers’ own off-screen lives.

In Ljubljana seven young activists, musicians, poets and youth workers, members of the Youth Center Medvode, a village near Ljubljana, discuss capitalism, colonialism, education and the power of art as a possibility for politics. They also rethink the possibility for a radicalization of a proper life. The work is not only recognition of local youth power but as well an initiation, through the making of the video work, to social relations that will make visible those agencies seeking new possibilities.

Screenplay and directed by Marina Gržinic and Aina Šmid; Text in the video by Marina Gržinic (based on Beller, Kopac, Lopez Petit, Deleuze, Nimako); Camera by Goran Hodzic, Zvonka T Simcic, Daniel Esteban Astorga Poblete; Sound by Ugo Ugowsky; Editing by Zvonka T Simcic; Sound effects by Gržinic and Šmid


Actress: Nika Rozman; Performers, members of Mladinski center (Youth Center) Medvode: Sara Badovinac, Emina Djukic, Dejan Koban, Kobrowsky, Blanka Slana, Katja Škoric, Ugo Ugowsky

Drawings and animations: Siniša Ilić

Music: band »Anamalija« Sara Badovinac, Katja Škoric; Jam Session with Sara Badovinac, Katja Škoric, Kobrowsky, Blanka Slana and Ugo Ugowsky

Producer: Zvonka Simcic, Production: Zavod CCC, Ljubljana, Coproduction: Mladinski center Medvode

Project: Encounters in Relational Geography - Dust, Ashes, Residua
Dates: 2nd June - 2nd July 2010
Project curator: Richard Appignanesi

grafisches Element