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366 Liberation Rituals

Igor GrubiĆ »

366 Liberation Rituals. Every day, and at least a whole year long. The day over the 365 days of a normal year not only hints at the extraordinary quality of the project but already indicates the direction: one year is not enough, it cannot be enough to liberate oneself. To free oneself from the dominant thought patterns of contemporary society. And to break free towards new thinking, towards new readings of our everyday surroundings. Using art. To leave the space of art, this protected field, and to enter into a dialogue with a reality that is constantly being redefined by our contemporaries. To try to intervene in reality through an artistic language. The colour red. To focus on symbols and texts of critical thinking. To keep down the costs of the individual interventions while at the same time creating as much meaning as possible. In a European country to establish references back to its socialist past. To disobey 366 times.

» Igor Grubic- 366 Liberation Rituals | DOWNLOAD PDF [15,2MB]

Project: 366 Liberation Rituals
Dates: 17th November - 15th December 2010
Project curators: Margarethe Makovec & Anton Lederer

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