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With this video work we wanted to continue portraying labour today and a possible example of immaterial labour, as well as portraying an activity that would represent latest developments in Europe on certain policies. We registered lobbyists and activists performing under working conditions, exploring the maelstrom surrounding their activity in Brussels and Strasbourg. In preparation for the work we studied historical and contemporary sources constructing the figure of the lobbyist, interviewed and filmed a variety of people associated with lobbyist associations, NGOs and civilian ‘watchdog’ groups, and dug into different modes of registration, news and music videos. We commissioned British reporter and activist Tamasin Cave to write an article about the current situation, which we were witnessing. In the following we worked with British actress Caroline Dalton and the Icelandic reggae group Hjálmar to perform the article, in an intertwining manner of spoken narration, singing and chanting, to a dub-score from Hjálmar, as soundtrack to the video.

Project: It's the Political Economy, Stupid
Dates: 16th March - 25th April 2011
Project curators: Oliver Ressler & Gregor Sholette

grafisches Element