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Siege of Khartoum (1884)


A1 photo-collage posters

Siege of Khartoum

Maryam Jafri »

Maryam Jafri combines photos of the fall of Saddam Hussein, people demolishing his statue, his arrest, images that have become icons of the Iraq War, with articles of The New York Times, The Times and The Daily Telegraph. Some of the articles are from the end of the 19th century, the height of the British Empire extended to articles of the year 2006. Journalistic texts from Winston Churchill about the Mahdists riots in Sudan (1898), about the British efforts to suppress the Mau Mau riots in Kenya (1950ies), anonymous reports from American journalists about the Vietnam War (1960ies), about the fights at the Philippines (1920ies) or in Panama (1990ies). Siege of Khartoum,1884 stands for the resistance of the Mahdists against the British-Egyptian government in Sudan, and can be taken as a metaphor of resistance against oppression. Jafriexplores references between current and historical looting-wars, revealing traditional and repetitive methods of looting as well as techniques of reporting about it.

Project: Forays. Systems of Self-Interest – Mechanisms of Looting
Dates: 9th March - 7th April 2011
Project curator: Sabine Winkler

grafisches Element