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grafisches Element

Documentary film, 56 minutes, 2001


Ashley Hunt

The Corrections Documentary Project began simply as a single documentary, CORRECTIONS: a 56-minute feature documentary that uses "prison privatization" as a lens onto a larger set of cultural processes, centered around a prison system growing for reasons other than mere "justice." While privatization was clearly an issue that needed to be debated publicly, it also opened up room for needed conversations about crime and punishment, about what is "natural" and what is built upon politics of race and class, disguised as something else.

As CORRECTIONS proved a useful tool for grassroots and activist groups, new opportunities arose to make further pieces focused on specific campaigns and circumstances. This led to the production of "footnotes" to CORRECTIONS, pieces that are each in a way a "footnote" to the larger, original piece.
The project is continuing to grow with footnotes and other related projects, continuing to investigate the relationship of mass incarceration in the U.S. and abroad to broader changes society is facing: from the lingering challenges of race, class, gender and sexual based discrimination, to larger philosophical questions as to the value of "the prison" as an institution.

grafisches Element