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Dancer in the Dark

Berat Işık

In his video work, Dancer in the Dark, Berat Işık offers the scream of the other, in a fluid pitch-black darkness.

We are unable to see him where is he standing, or even unable to decide if he is there or not. It is also a darkness which we do not want to believe exists, while we also feel as if he would touch our face or as if he would moisten our face with spittle; he is calling us with his cracked voice in an unknown language, he is questioning and also reproaching meticulously, and repeating the same question: "l am here, l am here, l am here, don't you see?" We hear this scream now. Now, here, in this exhibition place, we hear it while standing right next to the other works. It is obvious that a voice so tense and furious does not to allow any passing between the works and the conflicts, and will disturb our ears. We are pretending not to hear, we do not want that scream to disturb our eardrums. Dancer in the Dark is waiting for us for the blackout nights.

Text by Sener Özmen written in the framework of the exhibition 'I am Too Sad to Kill You' (2003) curated by Halil Altindere at Proje4L, Istanbul

grafisches Element