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grafisches Element

Video, 20 min, 2008

Commissioned for "Be(com)ing Dutch" in Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, curated by Charles Esche in 2008.

“Being a refugee – uprooted, homeless, in the gap between two worlds – is indeed a recurring topic in my work. One of my films, Limina (2008), strictly deals with this issue. The film reflects on the series of hard requirements immigrants have to comply with in order to get European citizenship, while being taught how to perform in their new selves. "Habits and customs that constitute and hold communities together turn into ridiculously empty gestures when exposed as pure performative acts." (Edi Muka) The central event in this short film is the ceremony when they get their new passports in the Town Hall of a Dutch city and where the dismissive attitude of the city official already says a lot about the way we perceive foreigners in the Western world.”

Mario Rizzi, extracted from his recent interview to be published at

grafisches Element