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(Re)collecting Mostar - Urban Imaginary

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(Re)collecting Mostar project was conceived in line with previous projects systematically developed by Abart art production, focusing primarily on production of art in public space within the specific context of the city of Mostar. The division of the city, as a specificum par excellence, has become a metaphor for Mostar. For this reason we aim to tackle the issues of public space and memory in a direct and provocative manner in order to take on the responsibility of examining and reacting to the existing situation in the city. The concept of the project is based on numerous and varied perspectives in discussions on divided cities, while focusing on the research of complex mechanisms of interaction between public memory and places of division within the public space.

Project activities are aimed at mapping of the public spaces within the city, collecting of memories and creating an archive, through which we intend to juxtapose a new narrative, created by all citizens of Mostar, with the two a priori ethno-national histories of the city. The necessity to form an archive is on one side motivated by the fact that the public spaces are neglected which results in the loss of public memory and on the other by the lack of space in which to reflect the present of the city and imagine its future from the perspective and experience of the everyday life.

The Urban Imaginary archive therefore presents an open archive which should be seen and read as a heterotopic space for exhibiting of the documents and maps created through the research process, fragments of artistic performances and interventions implemented at different locations within the city. This open archive speaks of the memory of the city from the perspective of its citizens, it does not seek completion, but represents an artistic and research platform available to the public and open for production of new content.
It does not belong to anyone, it belongs to everyone.

grafisches Element