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Gocce nella città di sole degli Spettri

Christian Egger »

Participating artists:

Willard Maas & Ben Moore
Cut und Scrape
Adham Faramawy
George Barber
Schorsch Kamerun

Gocce di sole nella città degli spettri focuses on history and aesthetics related to the sphere of institutional critique. Gocce di sole nella città degli spettri brings together a variety of international art works that engage in performance, video, sculpture and graphic works in black and white. Choosing these media is less important than the passionate interest in a particular field of force: politics, art and theory, which the project is outright referencing to. Soon, a paradox of a general view appears: the particular one of “self-staging” among a clear commitment to a dark but glamorous pop-poetry, echoing critique.

“It has been said that, under the conditions of contemporary capitalism, our work is no longer able to transform anything. It has also been proposed that the artist gesture no longer has any direct influence over the apparatus that circulates and assigns value to his work.“

Claire Fontaine, “Artists ready-mady et gréve humaine. Quelques précision.“
Pacemaker (December 2005)

Supported by:

ERSTE Foundation
Stadt Wien - Kulturabteilung MA 7
MA 7 - Interkulturelle und Internationale Aktivitäten

Collaboration with:

Istanbul Bilgi University

grafisches Element