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We need a theory to continue

Three-channel video installation and lyric sheet – 15 minutes, 2008 In collaboration with: The Lovers, Najeeb Sabour & The Noise Revival Orchestra ExperienceAngel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere »

We need a theory to continue . is a multi-faceted project comprised of original song lyrics, their musical interpretation and recording by three dissimilar Austin-based bands, a live performance series, and a three-channel video work which together explore civic space, collective strategies, dissent, and political theory. Austin Texas is the self-proclaimed "Live Music Capital of the World." With this designation and commitment in mind, the recent green architectural construction of Austin City Hall includes an outdoor venue for cultural programming and musical performances, as well as a space in which groups could gather. The city speaks of the open design of the new City Hall and City Council chambers as part of its “commitment to transparent government”. We were interested in unfolding these ideas by reflecting upon the setting and context of Austin City Hall in the lyrics of We need a theory to continue . Additionally, in considering musical strategies and collectivity, we wrote the lyrics to be musically interpreted by three bands – The Lovers, Najeeb Sabour, and The Noise Revival Orchestra Experience –and organized a sunset performance series of the songs. In August of 2008, Austin City Hall, the architectural container of municipal democracy, functioned as the stage for an evening of live performative democracy in musical form.

We need a theory to continue. was commissioned by Women And Their Work, Austin TX for The Activist Impulse, curated by Regine Basha, 2008.

Recorded and Engineered by Thomas van der Brook, Tonehaus Studios Austin, Texas, 2008


grafisches Element