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Ilias Marmaras

Ilias Marmaras was born in Greece. He is a new media artist and the initiator and co-fonder of Personal Cinema group.

His work mostly focuses on alternative video games and online 3D virtual environments. He was the initiator of the new media cultural/political project: "the making of Balkan Wars: The game" and its core video game project: ''the Balkan Mall''.

He has written and published various papers regarding critics on aesthetics, politics and New Media, in European magazines, newspapers and web sites.

His recent work includes educational video-games as "Resist", a game that focuses on drug abuse prevention for adolescents.

In the past, he has also exhibited worldwide as a painter and he has also worked as art director or associated producer in numerous documentary films for world wide production companies as PBS, NBC, BBC WORLD, ARTE, and WLIW.

grafisches Element