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Gülsen Bal & Dieter Hammer

Gülsen Bal

, Asc. Prof., PhD - Dr., graduated from London Guildhall University in the field of time-based media and studied MA degree in Critical Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, where she undertook her doctoral study. Her research has involved exploring the temporal and strategic conjunctions of differential structures seeking to understand the implications and complexity of the “production of subjectivity” formulated in multiple strategies.

Bal is a curator and an art and visual culture theorist. She is the Director, Head of Development of Projects and Programmes at Open Space - Zentrum für Kunstprojekte since 2007 in Vienna. At the arrival of 2011, Bal introduced a fundamental shift in the way Open Space operates subsequent to a transitory year in which a new edition came to live as Open Systems - Verein zur Förderung und Vermittlung von Kultur. She has received several awards within the scope of bestowing the distinguished delivery of the programs in recognition of the best accomplishments of its activity and demonstrating considerable commitment to contemporary art. Bal, the founder of Open Space, aims to create facilitating for contemporary creative practice concerned with contributing a model strategy in search for new outlines of the possible practices. She is also lecturer at Istanbul Bilgi University and Technische Universität Wien.

Her recent curatorial includes “Places of Transition” at quartier21 INTERNATIONAL/ MuseumsQuartier Wien (Vienna, 2014); “BALKAN(S) NOW - Status seminar and artistic survey” at Vienna Art Fair - ‘VIENNA Live’ (Vienna, 2013), Mestna galerija (Ljubljana, 2013) and Remont (Belgrade, 2013); “It’s in the ‘can’” at Open Systems (Vienna, 2012); the 12th edition of renowned festival “PIXXELPOINT: Let’s Get Ready” at Metropolitana Gallery (Nova Gorica, 2011), Nova Gorica City Gallery (Nova Gorica, 2011), Tir Gallery (Gorizia, 2011) and Mostovna Cultural Centre (Gorizia, 2011); “Ist dies alles?” at Open Space (Vienna, 2011); “No Ifs, No Buts” at DEPO (Istanbul, 2010) and also one of the co-curator of the 28th Biennial of Graphic: “The Matrix: An Unstable Reality” at Gallery Škuc (Ljubljana, 2009). Among the others, she was invited as one of the hundred curators from all over the world to participate in “100 CURATORS 100 DAYS” for the largest exhibit of its kind by the Saatchi Gallery (London) in 2012.

In addition, she sits on the Advisory Board of Third Text - Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Art and Culture Magazine (Routledge, London). Bal called upon as a juror and critic at several boards, such as The Global Board of Contemporary Art (GBCA, Brussels), Art Prize “The Future of Europa” for the Museum of Contemporary Art (GfZK, Leipzig), a price committee for the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien (a[, Vienna) and at the jury board of Fellowship Program for Art and Theory for Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen (Innsbruck).

She has curated, edited, published articles and participated in talks in various places and venues internationally as well as in Turkey.

Dieter Hammer

is an artist and philosopher. He studied at Sotheby´s Institute of Art in London and majored in ethics at the School of Philosophy of the Jesuite Order in Munich.

His current artistic research deals with options of the artist becoming a situational catalyst for inframedial aesthetic experiences and his concept of mimetic and non-mimetic properties of photography that translate into his practice of „transmimetic photography“.

He is president of Kunstverein Freisinger Mohr e.V. Recent Exhibitions: 2013 "The Cosmic Artisan", Siegfried Contemporary, London, 2013 Gradnja Mostov-Brückenschlag, Stadtmuseum Freising, 2013 ANALOG, Altes Gefängnis, Freising, 2012 Museum im Pflegschloss, Schrobenhausen, 2012 Jahresausstellung Kunstverein Landshut, 2012 15. Kolonija Iveta Šubica „Portret“, Sokolski Dom, Škofja Loka, Slovenia, 2012 Alltagswege, Fotografenausstellung, Altes Gefängnis, Freising, 2011 Ivan Daj Mi Respetlin, Sokolski Dom Škofja Loka, Slovenia, 2011 Sieben Künstler - Hallertau, Deutsches Hopfenmuseum Wolnzach, 2011 Fundstücke, Altes Gefängnis, Freisng, 2011 Ich sehe was, wie Du´s nicht siehst!, Altes Gefängnis, Freising.

grafisches Element