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Gülsen Bal & Walter Seidl

Gülsen Bal, PhD – Dr., completed her undergraduate degree in time-based media in London and her MA in Critical Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, where she also completed her doctorate. Her research has involved exploring the temporal and strategic conjunctions of differential structures, seeking to understand the implications and complexity of the “production of subject” formulated in multiple strategies within creative strand.

She is the Director, Head of Development of Projects and Programmes at Open Space - Zentrum für Kunstprojekte in Vienna. Bal, the founder of Open Space, aims to create facilitating for contemporary creative practice concerned with contributing a model strategy in search for new outlines of the possible practices.

After its three years successful activities with Open Space program, aiming to offer the most vital facilities for contemporary art in Vienna on the basis of an essential geopolitical stand in which a political position and a certain creative/artistic agenda offer new potentials; Bal decided to engage with a shift on overarching structures at a turning point where Open Space functioned as Open Space, Open Systems at a transitory year period in its 2011 program while the new structural changes introduced. The initiation functions as Open Systems with an active involvement of advisory board members in 2012 in search for new interactions between creative and ‘not-yet-formalized’ practices. The new outline of Open Systems is an online forum to publish a quarterly journal on various subjects as well as host an interdisciplinary online exhibition within the context of ARTSLAB. Its primary focus is to bring different critical perspectives on art and visual culture 2013 onwards. Along the side of this, a platform for discussion shall be organised in four different cities by each guest editors. In this manner, an exhibition covering a selection of the four editions of ARTSLAB will be produced in Vienna.

In addition, she has an academic position as a lecturer in the Faculty of Arts at Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design in Cyprus. Bal was appointed as a Departmental Advisory Consultant at Istanbul Bilgi University, where she was a full-time lecturer and Head of Department as well as Course and Program Coordinator. At the same time, she lectured as a Visiting Professor at Istanbul Yeditepe University for the MA degree program between 2013 and 2017. She taught at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) in the Department of Visual Culture from 2008 to 2013.

And, she sits on the Advisory Board of Third Text – Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Art and Culture Magazine (Routledge, London) as well as of Cultural Critique Journal (The University of Minnesota Press), Minneapolis. Bal is called upon as a juror and critic at several boards.

Walter Seidl born in Graz, Austria. Based in Vienna, works as curator, writer, and artist. PhD in contemporary cultural history.

His curatorial work has included projects in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hong Kong, Slovenia, and the U.S. He is contributing to, Camera Austria, contemporary, Praesens, springerin, život umjetnosti, et al. Seidl is currently building up the art collection of Erste Bank Group in Central Europe since 2004.

grafisches Element