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Round table discussion:

Encounters in Critical and Contemporary Art 1990s to date: Turkey
19th September, 7.00 PM

We cordially invite you to join us for a round table discussion on the Issue 2, Spring 2013: Encounters in Critical and Contemporary Art 1990s to date: Turkey part of Open Systems - Verein zur Förderung und Vermittlung von Kultur program.

Date: 19 September 2013, 19:00

A round table discussion with Aslı Çetinkaya and Merve Ünsal in conversation with Burak Delier, Elmas Deniz, İlhan Ozan
(held in Turkish)

Venue: Depo, Istanbul

Encounters in Critical and Contemporary Art 1990s to date: Turkey reflects on a significant momentum in early 1990s that has a relatively established structure now, with analysing how its institutions and a growing market today. These provide a unique insight covering the political and social vein which shaped many practices and senses of community and collaboration seem to have left the contemporary art scene with the growing institutionalization. The texts brought together here, which have diverse perspectives on the issues of then and now, might be understood as suggesting a critical review of the trajectory of contemporary art in Turkey for the past 20 years.

This issue of Open Systems begins by acknowledging the impossibility of a deductive reasoning in talking about a place whose very contemporaneity is marked by disruptions. Embracing this discontinuity, the authors look at subjects of interest that reveal a collation of pursuits, a horizontal synergy that seems to have been at the core of the 90s and furthermore, they provide us with different ways and perspectives of dealing with issues of historicization.

The guest editors Aslı Çetinkaya and Merve Ünsal invited to contribute newly produced inspiring articles by Sezgin Boynik, Burak Delier, Elmas Deniz, Özge Ersoy, Berin Gölönü, İlhan Ozan.

Open Systems program is supported by:

ERSTE Foundation
Stadt Wien - Kulturabteilung MA 7
SAHA - supporting contemporary art from Turkey
MA 7 - Interkulturelle und Internationale Aktivitäten
Stadt Wien - Film, Kino, Neue Medien

° About DEPO:
DEPO is a culture and debate centre serving as a platform supporting the collaboration of artists, artist collectives, civic and cultural organizations in Turkey, the South Caucasus, the Middle East and the Balkans.


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Round table discussion:

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